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According to’s report 2018 Best Cities to Raise a Family in America, Naperville ranks at the top!  Naperville comes in first place among 220+ American cities as best place to raise a family, best public schools, and safest city to live.  Considering that the majority of Naperville residents own their own homes, most would assume the burden of maintenance falls solely on the homeowner.  Thankfully, however, BSD Garage Doors is available to the Naperville community to help lift that load.

There are a variety of problems that can adversely affect your garage door such as garage door noises, you want to reduce the noise when door moves, any form of issue when you open and close the door, replace the hinge, any issues with nuts and bolts of your garage door and its mechanisms that one of the skilled technicians at BSD Garage Doors can help you diagnose.  Conveniently, BSD Garage Doors offers free estimates and 24/7 emergency service calls in Naperville and the surrounding areas to help you solve even the most inconvenient garage door issues.  Call today to schedule a free estimate and have your garage door repairs diagnosed by a BSD Garage Doors technician servicing Naperville. Oftentimes, people do not have the tools, the experience, or the time to tackle their own garage door maintenance, causing safety concerns and unnecessary frustrations.  Always rest assured that we are available in Naperville to help when you need it. We even offer discounts to senior citizens and current AAA members.

Enjoy the security, convenience, and safety of a properly functioning garage door, serviced by a family-owned business with over 10 years of experience.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured in Naperville, Illinois, to serve all your garage door needs including: broken spring repair, noisy garage door repair, broken garage door sensor repair, garage door tune-up, garage door installation, electric garage door opener installation and repair, and outdoor/remote keypad solutions.  Call today to schedule your free estimate from a BSD Garage Doors representative in Naperville for all your garage door maintenance and repair needs.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Whether it's a broken panel or your garage door simply doesn't work, BSD Garage will be able to help you. Our experts have many years of knowledge, giving them the tools to quickly pinpoint the underlying issues with your overhead garage door. BSD Garage is able to solve your garage door problems 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Make us your first call when a garage door emergency comes up.

Garage Door Tune Up

Garage Door Tune Up

For those homeowners that use their garage door often, a tune-up should be done at least annually. While you might be tempted to do this maintenance yourself, the professionals at BSD Garage have the trained eye to spot any problems with your garage door in its infancy, saving you time and money in the future. A door that goes through our certified tune-up will last for many years to come.

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Noisy Garage Door Repair

The squeaking and scraping of a noisy garage door can wake even the heaviest sleepers if activated at night. While a newly installed door will no doubt take care of this problem, at BSD Garage, we recommend having one of our experts come out to give a comprehensive assessment. Allow us to fix your noisy garage door while also saving you money.

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Broken Spring Repair

Replacing residential garage door springs can be a dangerous and sometimes deadly job. At BSD Garage our professionals are trained in everything related to safety and are able to replace your worn out springs with no problem. Don't put yourself in harm's way - let our experts handle your spring issues.

Keyless Entry Systems

Outdoor Keypad Solutions

Using state of the art technology and installation techniques, BSD Garage will be able to get you the keyless entry system you always wanted. Having a wired keypad will allow you to open your garage door even if you misplace your remote. Post installation is also available, allowing you to open your garage without ever leaving your car.

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Electric Garage Door Openers

Sick and tired having to bend over and open your garage door? At BSD Garage we offer a range of different electric garage openers to automate this process. Our installation team do a great job and can install any model - whether it is a chain-driven, belt-driven, screw driven, or direct drive.

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Broken Garage Door Sensor Repair

These sensors are a mechanism built into many newer model garage doors that safeguard you and your family. This technology can malfunction, causing your garage door to close on its own, refuse to close, or just stop randomly. Our garage door technicians know all the ins and outs on how to repair these sensors.

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Garage Door Installation

Did you know that nearly a third of your front-facing real estate is the garage alone? A beaten up and rusted garage door is not only a potential safety problem but can reduce the curb appeal of your home. To make matters worse, an old garage door can have poor insulation, which can make your garage cold in the winter and hot in the summer. BSD Garage has a wide variety of doors to choose from, allowing you to invest into a door that not only fits your home's style but ends up paying for itself.

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Complete Garage Door Sales And Service

Trust your garage door maintenance with BSD Garage. We are a family owned company that has been around for over a decade.  Our licensed and insured professionals are committed to the highest standards of excellence. With our maintenance packages, we will make sure to minimize any potential garage door breakdowns by periodically testing, adjusting, and repairing your door.

While a proper upkeep procedure is integral, eventually every garage door will need to be replaced. If your garage door is looking damaged, rusted, and just generally deteriorated after years of use, BSD Garage is able to remove and replace it with our professional team. We offer the newest garage doors and technology – with some models able to open up with a remote or smartphone.

Leave your garage door installation, maintenance, and repair to the pros at BSD Garage. Whether it is just a minor tune-up, a precarious spring replacement, or a full blown replacement, our experienced technicians will never disappoint you.

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Repair of Existing Openers
Repair Sagging Doors
Weather Seals – Top, Sides and Bottom

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Factory Re-measure

A Technician will visit your home to re–measure everything and confirm all of your specifications – color, style, options, etc.


Door Installation Day

We will ask that you clear out all items from the work area, secure your pets, and assure clear access for Technicians. The Technician Leader will make sure you understand the entire process before work begins.



Our door installation Technicians will clean up the installation site inside and outside, and haul away all job–related debris.

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After Installation

We will do a walk through with you, to assure your complete satisfaction. We will show you all the characteristic of your new replacement door.


Licensed garage repair technician


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When a power failure, defective remote, or hazardous part on your garage door prevents you from accessing your garage, BSD Garage door is just a call away. We provide 24/7 service to keep you safe and secure, even when your door or opener malfunctions at the most inopportune time.