BSD Garage - Unique Service
”My garage door that hasn’t opened for years. Finally I decided to get it fixed so I can actually use my garage. I called BSD Garage and they came to look at my garage door with in an hour. The technician appeared on time and was really nice he repaired my door. I’m really happy with my door now it is working perfectly and now I can use my garage! If you need any garage work, definitely call this company for good fast service and decent prices. I’m really happy with my experience. Thanks”
— - Saul | JUNE 5, 2016
BSD Garage - Amazing Service
”When we were thinking about upgrading the outside of our house, we decided that our garage door needed some help. After debating whether to upgrade it with paint and maybe some trim versus installing a new one, we called BSD Garage for recommendation. When the technician came out, he did a thorough inspection of our door and mentioned several areas that were not in good condition. He then showed us some examples of new garage doors that were both stylish and affordable. Before we bought, we checked with a few other local garage door installers, including Sears and Home Depot. This convinced us that we were getting both good door options and a great price on installation. We’re glad we went with BSD.”
— -Melanie R., Naperville | APRIL 30, 2016
BSD Garage - Breathtaking Service
”I like to think of myself as pretty handy, so when it came to maintaining my garage door, I really hated to call someone to inspect and lubricate it. The doors acted a little sluggish, and since I was too busy to figure out why, I broke down and made the call to BSD Garage. When they came out, they not only did a thorough check and lube, but they noticed some cracking around the springs. Since I’ve never made any repairs to the garage door in the 15 years I’ve lived here, we agreed that it was probably time to change the springs, so they took care of that, as well. Since that was a job I never would’ve tackled, I’m glad they came to do the maintenance and alert me to this potentially dangerous problem. The technician also pointed out that it appeared that the garage door tracks had not been maintained for some time, so they offered me a great deal on a maintenance program. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, I’d certainly recommend these guys.”
— -Mike T., Wheaton | APRIL 30, 2016
BSD Garage - Breathtaking Service
”After another cold Chicago area winter, my wife and I had a professional energy audit to see what we could do to cut the drafts in our house. One thing the auditor mentioned was that we were losing a lot of heat from our house through our old steel garage door. Along with a few other suggestions, he mentioned that an insulated garage door would make us warmer in the house and maybe even help us cut our energy bills, too. After calling BSD Garage, we decided on a model with a fairly high R factor, after the auditor explained the various options to us. Upgrading to an insulated door was a great idea. We were very happy that we used BSD to do the work.”
— -Rudy Z., Bolingbrook | JUNE 10, 2014
BSD Garage - Breathtaking Service
”When I returned home after a trip, I was unable to get into my garage. Apparently, while I was gone, the power went out and for some reason or other, my garage door opener was not working once the power was restored. Even though it was 1 am, I called BSD Garage. Though I had heard they were open 24/7, I was still surprised when they answered the phone and promised to get someone out to my home within the hour. A service technician arrived at my home in less than 30 minutes and was able to get my door open. He was also able to figure out why the system did not work once the power in the area was restored. That was a couple months ago and everything has been working great since.”
— -John K., Naperville | MAY 22, 2014